4th Day

What is 4th Day?
This term means: the next day; from this time forward; from now on THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
Living in the Fourth Day requires intentionality through:
 Follow-up
 Group Reunion/Next Steps Groups
 Gatherings
 Changing the World

4th Day Potluck Gathering
The 4th Day Potluck Gathering to introduce the Pilgrims to the Southern Nevada Walk to Emmaus Community will be held at Trinity UMC in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 4 at noon. The gathering will take place at noon in the Fellowship Hall. All sponsors are strongly encouraged to either bring or make arrangements to have their pilgrims attend this special gathering. Pilgrims are to come as they are – sponsor’s and community members remember to wear your name tags and bring something for the potluck.

Servant Leadership Opportunities
 The Board of Directors
 Serving on a Committee
 Leadership on a Weekend
 Leading a Table in the conference room
 Coordinating behind the scenes
 Leading a Group Reunion or Next Steps Group

Servant Opportunities


Gatherings are held quarterly at different churches in Southern Nevada.


Reunion Groups