September 18: International Emmaus Virtual Gathering

Join an unprecedented international gathering of Emmaus people! This will be unlike any gathering Emmaus Ministries has ever held, bringing together music and speakers who are active in Emmaus communities around the world, and offering the opportunity for participants to share a mini-group reunion experience with Emmaus people from diverse cultures.

September 18, 8-10am Central Time. Register here: 

Southern Nevada Emmaus: Virtual Gathering!  October 3rd at 11am

We are going to have a second virtual gathering on Saturday October 3rd at 11am.  The last gathering was wonderful, and we had so many Emmaus members. Please email us for the login details.

Walks set for April & May 2021

  • Men’s walk: April 15th – April 18th at St. Johns UMC in Kingman, Arizona.
  • Women’s walk: April 29th – May 2nd at St. Johns UMC in Kingman, Arizona.

Lay Directors: Gordon Hammond and Jennifer Smith

Agape volunteers needed!

Agape Volunteers needed
Please contact:
Deborah Newhardt (, 702-302-7867)
Shirley Hammond (, 702-340-6622).
We will need at least 60 pieces of each item for the upcoming Walks, delivered before April 15. 
For inspiration, check out Pinterest using “emmaus agape ideas” as your search.